"As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work." (John 9:4, NIV)"


Church Planting

Trained missionaries are sent in mission fields as needed according to the vision of each missionary.

Partner churches may seek the services of S.E.M. for evangelization; in this case, the established churches are the responsibility of the partner church. S.E.M. works with these churches for the growth of Church branches.

Churches established by S.E.M. can remain under the supervision of the people, be autonomous, or be independant and are called by the name of the locality, or may be assigned to one of its partners in the locality.


Surveys allow us to go into churches and Christian institutions to show them the remaining task at hand in order to encourage them to rise up and win souls in the cities and in the villages.

This allows us to open people’s eyes to see the harvest that is ready but that is spoiling.

  • Encourage workers to go
  • Encourage partners to pray
  • Encourage partners to support financially and materially


In equipping the disciples of God for the harvest of souls, we offer Missionary training by Zoom  for FREE every Monday in English at 6pm Eastern Time and every Tuesday in French at 1pm Eastern time for two hours. Meeting ID – 220 344 6121

Also people mobilized for the mission will be  equip locally in a mission school in order to be effective on the ground because they have to know the culture of each people group before they can reach out to them.

  • There is the short-term training for three months.
  • There is the long-term training two years.
  • There is the discipleship training in churches.


Spiritual State Of Madagascar

Madagascar is the world fourth largest Island situated in the southern part of Africa.An estimated population of 24 millions.With an ares of 587,401 sq km.Colonized by France and having its independence in 06/26/1960.The capital is Antananarivo.Traditional Religion:52%,Islamic Religion:8%,Christianity:48.9% o and Evangelical 5% .

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