"As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work." (John 9:4, NIV)"

About Us

Missionaries (DR) Victor K. and Eustacia KALEPE

By the grace of God we have been missionaries since 1999 for Victor and 2004 for Eustacia. We have worked in Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin and now in Madagascar.We are based in Atlanta, Georgia..

The call to mission is the work of the obedient by the grace of God. It is allowing the Holy Spirit of God to send you to places in order to accomplish God`s program and do His heart desire. Since September of 2000 God spoke to me about winning souls in Madagascar and making  disciples of Jesus that they in turn will win other Madagascans and others for Jesus.

In answer to prayers God open the doors for us in August 2011, my wife and I went to Madagascar for the first time. Then in 2012 from April to June I went for the survey in Mahajanga about 574 km for the capital. Since then by the grace of God we have trained local worker for God`s harvest and have planted several churches in Mahajanga. Also we are mobilizing and equipping the local church to arise and harvest souls for the Lord Jesus. In 2016 we started working in Ambanja about 885 km from Antananarivo in Madagascar. God has also open doors for us to work  in Togo ,Gabon, Congo-RDC and Senegal. We also provide mission training for free through our Sycomore Mission International Institute to train pastors and leaders that will impact their churches with the great commission.

As the missionary work is never done by one man but in collaboration, our prayer is that you will allow God to touch you, so you will be able to contribute directly or indirectly in the winning of souls for Jesus in Madagascar, Togo, Gabon, Congo-RDC, Senegal and Chad.

God has also given us the burden for souls in America and also to mobilize His church for the Lord`s harvest in the US and around the world. We have been doing this through mission conferences in partnership with some churches and ministries in the US, and our prayer is that the Lord will give us more divine connections. Also through mentoring and mission training.